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Cassetta della Salute 5 Kg

  • Marca: MVC
  • Codice Prodotto: 0025
  • Disponibilità: 100

Someone somewhere said: ‘we drink this beverage when we want to soften the angles of life.’ Probably after reading you nodded, didn’t you? Those who say alcohol is not a good thing, simply do not know how to drink it wisely and… with taste. It’s one of the best painters which can color your world into the most noble, calm or happy tints. If you know how to talk to him, you’ve got the key to the big secret of living life fully. Regardless of where you are, whether you are with your friends drinking beer, or you are enjoying a glass of wine on a date, or else, you are tasting the flavour bouguet of a chic liquor at home after a long tiring working day - a good beverage is always your friend. The same as with love and happiness, it should be wisely portioned - too much of it can hurt. But if used properly, it can give you a proper state of mind, enough to obtain spiritual calmness to generate new ideas. Scientist say, some alcohol helps us reveal the creative potential. The creatives know it and keep the principle ‘Create when you’re drunk, edit when you’re sober’.

The best writers are known to be and to have been big fans of these magic beverages: Edgar Allan Poe was often seen with an eggnog in his hands, F.Scott Fitzgerald had Gin Rickey as one of his favorite drinks and Steven King is a huge beer lover, even though he hates pubs.

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